Saturday, November 14, 2009

COP Action for Ponca Refinery

Anticipated Forthcoming COP Nationwide Council Action in Support of USW Local 13-857, Ponca City


Members of USW Local 13-555,


You may have heard rumors in the plant of possibly shutting down all non-contractual work activities in support of Ponca City. At this point our Brothers and Sisters in Ponca City have worked since March 31, 2009 on a rolling 24hr extension.  Both parties continue to meet on a sporadic basis, with no obvious progress.


At this time the members of the COP Nationwide Council are discussing what actions to take in support of Ponca City.  The Billings group, USW Local 11-470, has issued a letter to their management stating that if significant progress is not seen following the scheduled meetings between Ponca City USW Local 13-857 and COP Management in early December they will discontinue participation in non-contractual work activities. At this time, this action is widely supported by the other COP Union sites with which we have been in contact. We hope that progress can be made and none of these actions will become necessary.  It is our intention that if there is no significant progress in Ponca City our site, here in Lake Charles, will comply with any Council request in support of Ponca City.


Management is aware of this possible pending action and we will get more information out as our path becomes clearer.  Until further notice, feel free to contact any member of your local Workman’s Committee for additional information or clarifications. 


In Solidarity,

Leon Royer

Chairman, Workman’s Committee